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Proven quality. Guaranteed!

Two years warranty for control valves Type 8802

Type 8802 offers many values

Our promise

  • Highest quality, guaranteed!
  • No issues with corrosion
  • Shuts tightly without on/off valves
  • Lowers energy consumption
  • Saves operation costs

Put a stop to corrosion. Compared to elaborately painted, vulnerable cast bodies, Bürkert valves impress with robust stainless steel surfaces and high chemical resistance. The smooth-edge design of the ELEMENT series makes cleaning/wash-down processes hassle- and residue-free.    

Application in hygienic environments

The pneumatically operated control valve Type 8802 ideally fits into applications with hygienic conditions and facilitates the certification in pharma and food industries for its whole lifecycle. In addition, Type 8802 scores against similar devices with:

Advantage: No additional on/off valve needed

In pharma and food production, temperatures are distributed and controlled by the use of steam. Until now, every single steam control valve had to be covered by an additional on/off valve in order to ensure a tight shut-off. That is, because PTFE-seals do not stand high temperatures in the long run and steel alone is not sufficiently sealing. However, with the globe control valve Type 8802 there is no need to use any additional on/off valves in some uncritical cases at all! The innovative PEEK-sealing makes it possible, shutting tightly under temperatures up to 185°C. Therefore, investments on a massive scale can be saved.

Type 8802 steam application

Save energy and operation costs due to light weight design

Most importantly, the control valve Type 8802 can help to save energy and operation costs. The overall Bürkert system is significantly lighter and more compact than traditional devices: Their mass of cast body (DN40) and flanges adds up to 54 kg – compared to very light 6 kg (!) for Type 8802. Moreover, the flanges can be abandoned as Bürkert’s stainless steel bodies can be directly welded to the pipe. Disassembling for maintenance is not necessary after all, as the stainless steel surface do not need to be painted. In short, the tremendous weight savings reduce the energy consumption during transport and assembly – as well as in every steam-based temperature control daily plant operation.

Two years warranty for control valve Type 8802

Our Promise: Proven quality. Guaranteed! We offer you two years warranty for the control valve Type 8802 (excluding wear parts; valid for ELEMENT series). Convince yourself that our control valve, no matter the challenge, provides its many values to you.

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Bürkert South America S.A.
Montevideo | Uruguay
Teléfono +598 2518 3579

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