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We make ideas flow.
We make ideas flow.

Improved flow control in pneumatic conveying systems

Uncomplicated, flexible and efficient solution for pneumatic conveying with our Flow Rate Controller Type 8750

Benefits for you

  • Process safety: Minimal product damage, reduced wear on pipework.
  • Increased productivity: Higher throughput with reduced maintenance.
  • Easy installation: All in one closed loop controller featuring flow sensor, process controller, and control element.
  • Increased flexibility: Can be precisely and quickly adapted to different pressures, conditions, and materials.

For many industries, pneumatic conveying brings a number of advantages, not least the lack of moving parts and system flexibility. However, it is essential that such systems are properly controlled in order to maintain efficiency and the quality of the product in transit. Delivering effective process control systems requires an understanding of both, the technology and the industry itself.

Challenges and customer needs

Within the processes of pneumatic conveying, there are several challenges to be solved in order to fulfil all customer needs. Among others, that is a flexible pneumatic conveying, a sensitive handling with different bulk goods, the compensation of air leakage as well as an uncomplicated revamping possibility.

pneumatisches Fördern

Flexible conveying

A flexible conveying is advantageously under different aspects. When it’s necessary to switch between different conveying distances or pipes for example, it requires a flexible air flow while conveying pressure is controlled. To that, a flexible air flow controller is needed when there are different products with changing properties and conveying demands. Apart from that it needs to control much higher pressures when starting and ending conveying and a conveying should also be flexible within the use of other gases than air, e.g. argon, nitrogen or oxygen.

Uncomplicated revamping

With the use of pneumatic conveying you make a reasonable investment into a fit-for-purpose solution. It offers an overview of all process data and is also a preventative solution against blocking of pipes with bypass conveying method.

Typical issues and disadvantages

Our products for pneumatic conveying compensate several issues, which appear within the use of manual or high-end devices. Manual devices are very inflexible, there is too much manual work and many possible faults. High-end devices are also inflexible and require detailed engineering upfront. To that the calibration of control electronics is tricky. The Flow Rate Controller Type 8750 from Bürkert solves these problems.

Flow Rate Controller, flow control system for gases

Flow Rate Controller, flow control system for gases

Tipo 8750

  • Reliable, robust system
  • Reduced interfaces
  • Orifice plate and actuator in one
  • Easy operation
  • Fit for stand-alone operation

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Bürkert South America S.A.
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Teléfono: (+598) 2518 3579

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